Corporate Wellness Services

Health Assessments and Screenings


Regular health assessment and screenings are the key component for preventing disease, since they can detect health deterioration in early stages, when the rates of cure are significantly higher and the available treatment options are much more effective. Health assessments ang screenings determinate body conditions indicating small imbalances before they become major issues and ensuring good functioning. They can also be proved to be the best way in reducing or avoiding medical expenditures. Curis experienced nursing staff offers on-site assessments, blood screenings and vaccinations, which make employees aware of their current health condition, identify risk factors and prevent health deterioration.

Medical Care and Disease Management


Curis Occupational physicians offer preventive services in order to control occupational and environmental risks and they are trained in treating work-related injuries and illnesses. They work closely with Organizations aiming to promote and supervise health and safety at work. They are responsible in monitoring employees’ health and in assisting people make healthy choices in and outside their working places. Apart from prevention, they also assist people in managing their chronic diseases.

Mental Health


In recent years, there has been an increase in the levels of absenteeism of workers from their workplace as well as unemployment levels due to work incapacity associated with work-related stress or other mental health issues. Studies have shown that loss of productivity, absenteeism, job withdrawal and higher turnover are often directly linked to poor mental health especially to stress and burnout. Employees who have access to mental health programs are at significant advantage over those who do not supply such benefits. Specially, they are likely to have lower incidents of job burnout, onsite violence and injuries at their workplace. Curis Mental Health team, consisting of registered psychologists, helps companies to have healthier and happier employees by providing them resources that helps them deal with stressful situations in personal or professional life, emotional difficulties, interpersonal dysfunctions or depression. It focuses on prevention and it gives to employees tools and resources in order to be able to better manage their mental wellbeing in their own.
Our program provides onsite mental health workshops and seminars, helpline, online counselling sessions as well as face to face counselling sessions.

Physiotherapy at Work


Musculoskeletal disorders are one of the main causes of sickness absence and reduced productivity. Curis Physiotherapists monitor workplace and, when necessary, make interventions to ensure ergonomically friendly environment. They advice on compliance with health and safety obligations offering specialized knowledge on manual handling and physical ergonomics in the office and workplace. They also evaluate functional capacity and offer personalised solutions to employees assisting them in gaining their full functioning. They offer, either on site or in our well-equipped physiotherapy
centre, physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation of work-related disfunctions or illnesses.

Physical Activity at Work


A workout or short exercise at work may improve job performance, productivity and the overall working environment. Physical activity contributes in reduced stress, improved brainpower, better memory, increased energy – all of them result in increased productivity. Positiveness, happiness and strengthening of employees interpersonal relations are among the benefits of physical activity at work. Curis team of trainers offers on site Yoga, Pilates and Personal training assisting in keeping your employees physically active, healthy and fit.

Excellence through innovation

Curis Network has developed MyCuris Health Management Program to get the person in the driver seat when it comes to organising and managing own health and wellness. MyCuris encourages and supports people to manage their own health and enhance their wellness status. It adopts a holistic approach of well-being, where good physical and mental health is combined with balanced nutrition and it aims in assisting people in pursuing personal growth and in achieving quality of life. Members of MyCuris Program gain access to MyCuris Platform, which provides a handful of digital and physical resources to constantly guiding and supporting them in making educated choices towards a balanced life.
The program is based on 4 main pillars – navigation, coordination, access and education – providing a complete approach and ensuring continuum of care through all levels of care delivery, from prevention to treatment.
As part of Corporate Wellness, MyCuris is the technological product, which assist people in managing their own health and wellness status, set their personal goals and have access to services and resources. Simultaneously, the platform provides organizations with information regarding their employees’ overall health status. The reporting provided by the platform allows both Curis and the organization to monitor the implementation of the wellness program and to have tangible data regarding the results, giving them the opportunity to reschedule the implemented wellness strategy and take targeted actions for improvement.