Benefits for the Organization

The implementation of comprehensive corporate wellness program is fundamental component in boosting your bottom line and in enhancing your business’ competitiveness. If your are thinking about adopting a holistic corporate wellness program in your organization, then you should consider how your organization will be benefited from the implementation of such a program and which will be the long-term results.


What are the benefits for the organization?


  • A healthy workforce, which is happier, more satisfied and performs better
  • The reduction of absenteeism and the increase of presenteeism and attendance
  • The reduction of sick leaves and less time lost to sickness
  • The increase of productivity
  • The reduction of health care costs and lower workers compensation costs
  • Cost savings due to less lost work days
  • Your employees are motivated to work harder and they spend more time focused on tasks
  • The enhancing of your corporate image
  • The addition of morale and value to your company
  • The building of loyalty among employees
  • The provision of incentives and motivations to current and future employees, which makes your company an organization of choice among future employees who realize the important role of being