About Curis Corporate Wellness Services

Our Corporate Wellness Services address to Organizations, which realize that employees is the key asset of productivity and profitability and which pay significant attention in offering a healthy workplace to their employees.


According to the UK NHS, every year over 170 million days are lost to sickness absence and approximately 70% of all sickness absence is due to psychological ill health or musculoskeletal disorders. Also, and again according to the UK NHS, research shows that every year over 170 million days are lost to sickness absence. The Government’s Black Review of the health of the working age population reported the cost to the economy is estimated to be £100bn each year. Furthermore, the longer people are off sick, the less likely they are to make a successful return to work. After six months absence from work, there is only a 50 per cent chance of someone making a successful return.


Considering the above findings, business managers and leaders should invest in establishing a culture of health in their organization and thus keep their employees physically, mentally and socially healthy. Healthy employees tend to be more satisfied and motivated to work harder for their own and their business’ benefit.


In Curis Network, we realize that each organization is a unique body with its distinctive characteristics and needs. Thus, our corporate wellness programs are tailored on organization’s characteristics and aim in inspiring people to make positive changes in their everyday life, that will impact positively their own life and their organization.


We are committed that our services are provided by competent, caring and experienced health care professionals. Licenced physiotherapists, psychologists, nurses, occupational doctors and trainers are working together with you and your organization in achieving a common goal – this of empowering and strengthening employees.